My Projects

FC Tweet – Stay up-to-date on everything that is being said about your favorite football team on Twitter and follow live feeds of all Dutch Eredivisie matches and their tweets all in one place.

LocART – Me and my awesome teammates (@danielsteginga, @jjeekkoo & @devoorzitter) wanted to do something with the data of public art in Amsterdam and decided to build an app which takes your location to find the art near you and allows you to learn about and discuss it with fellow community members.

What rapper are you? - By running your latest 200 tweets through a with lyrics pre-trained Naive Bayes classifier, this program analyzes whether you tweet more like an east or a west coast rapper. The site is written in Python the Bottle web framework. Furthermore, it uses some jQuery and the Natural Language Package for Python for the Naive Bayes classifier.

What rapper are you?

My 2011 New Year’s Resolution - My first simple Facebook application with which people can make their new year’s resolutions public and invite friends to make theirs. The app gained around 500 users and 50 likes during the 2010-2011 new year period.

My 2011 New Year's Resolution